The Complete Photographer 1967

The Complete Photographer, Al Lopinot, 1967

Do you daydream about the next photographs you are going to take?

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Workshops for 2013 and 2014


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Workshop for Winners -  This is an annual free workshop I teach for the winners of The Palm Beach Post Focus on Nature Photography Contest as well as winners of other photo contests to which I have donated a workshop as a prize. This workshop is by invitation only. 

Navigating and Protecting Your Mac -    Do you know how to protect your privacy when working on your computer? You have read the news stories about the government and private companies tracking your every move. What about the passwords you use? Do you use the same one--or variations of it--for everything? Do you know how to generate secure passwords that prevent your computer from being hacked? How about backing up your computer to a Cloud-based service? This two-night workshop will help you to learn how to control your computer and to navigate the web safely and securely.

4 Workshops at Mounts Botanical Garden -  Early registration for members of Mounts Botanical Garden will begin on December 9, 2013. For non-members, registration will begin on December 23, 2013. Click here to join Mounts Botanical Garden so you can register early!  The 12th annual MacroCosmos workshop introduces you to close-up photography and use of electronic flash at Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach. Held three Sundays in a row in January, it includes a presentation, field trip, assignment and review of your photos. In 2014, I will also be teaching sunrise, sunset and butterfly photography workshops in the garden. All workshops are fundraisers for The Friends of Mounts Botanical Garden.

iPhone Photography - SOLD OUT   Digital-point-and-shoot camera sales are tanking. Almost everyone carries a smart phone and the iPhone dominates the market. What makes the iPhone camera such a powerful device?

  • You rarely go anywhere without it, expanding your access to fleeting moments, anywhere, anytime.
  • Its small size and weight makes you less obtrusive and more agile in natural, documentary settings. You can even shoot with one hand.
  • Using an iPhone camera makes you harmless; you blend into a crowd more easily rather than lugging a big DSLR. People are more at ease, breeding spontaneity.
  • Why carry two devices when your iPhone will do the trick? In this workshop you'll learn how to use special accessories and Apps to enhance your photography with your iPhone.

The Art of Editing Photographs -  SOLD OUT   Over the course of my career I have learned that most photographers struggle with editing their photographs. Photography is an art, and editing is just as important as shooting the picture. What makes a great photograph? How do you choose and keep only your best shots? Just about everyone has their individual workflow. This workshop will show you how to edit your work, keeping only your best photos, how to keyword and caption your work, add location information and how to archive your photos on hard drives and the Cloud.

EquineArt  III - SOLD OUT    Newly expanded, this 5-day equestrian photography workshop allows you intimate access to the world of horses in Wellington, Florida. You will spend a day in one of the premier stables photographing trainers, grooms, farriers and veterinarians at work. You will have a press pass for a ring-side seat at the Winter Equestrian Festival to photograph competitions in day and night venues. And you will photograph the fast-action sport of polo. And we wrap it all up with a critique and review of your photos.

Creative Photography WOW! III -  SOLD OUT   This workshop is designed to pull the creative genius out of you and make you a critical thinker about the photographs you shoot.  To make this one-of-a-kind workshop work, I cannot tell you what the assignments are.  It must be a surprise and you will have to trust me when I say that I will push you to the limits of your creativity with a camera. There will be all new assignments this year to inspire you.

The Digital Camera: A Computer with a Lens - SOLD OUT   Held annually, this workshop is designed to make you familiar with your camera, whether a DSLR or a point and shoot camera. You will learn things about your camera that you never knew. The problem is remembering all the new things you discover in this workshop!

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