How do you handle tough lighting conditions when you are photographing? Are you ready for “the decisive moment” when you reach for your camera?

Can you learn to “see” in a new way and “make” extraordianary photographs by using your mind and your camera to interpret scenes with a unique style? Do you know how to use your iPhone, iPad and Apple Computer to share and display your creative work?

Discover the Art and Craft of photography  with me in my workshops where you’ll gain more self-confidence, find a new expressive style, be exposed to new techniques and ways of seeing, make new friends and above all,                              take home great photographs.

Great White Shark, Guadelupe Island, Mexico

Breeching Humpack Whale, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

Do you daydream

about the next photographs 

you are going to take?

Are you looking for challenging, 

creative and fun 

photography workshops? 

Look no further. 

One on One Lessons Anytime. 

Please email or call.

2018 Photography Workshops

will be held at

The Society of the Four Arts

Palm Beach, Florida

Check back to see when registration opens at 

The Society of the Four Arts

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